My name is

Cristhian Jiménez

I am a data driven professional that just keeps learning about data science.

Professional experience

📁 Data analyst - Amazon

  • Owner of a project that increased the quality of the answers given by Alexa in 5.2% (comparing Q3 vs Q4 2018).
  • Main contributor of a forecasting model that quantifies every interaction of an user with an Echo device and arranges the business drivers so the stakeholders can assign a prioritisation level.

📁 Senior statistician - Neustar

  • Develop Bayesian econometric models to measure marketing effects over business KPIs.
  • Provide business insights and marketing budget efficiency by analyzing model results using R/Python.

📁 Student research assistant - Fraunhofer IAIS

  • Successful implementation of a Natural Language Processing neural network architecture in Tensorflow for Java to classify named entities which gives 12 percentage points more accuracy than the existent approach.
  • State-of-the-art research in Multilingual Named Entity recognition in order to complete MSc in Computer Science.

📁 Data scientist - Bayes Forecast

  • Responsible for the creation and supervision of ad-hoc econometric business models for a wide variety of industries. Experience both as a team contributor and a project leader.
  • Successful generation of a stable algorithm regarding mass time-series models.

📁 Specialist - Telefónica

  • Responsible of managing information and analysis needs for Telefónica Marketing in Mexico.
  • Key contributor in the generation of executive business metrics.
  • Main author of a innovative predictive model to forecast mobile equipment selection at a customer level.

I'm always open to work on fun projects!

Please drop me a line or ping me on LinkedIn